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Topic outline

  • Overview

    Tutorial Aim

    This tutorial provides the steps to visualise a PALM static_driver input file in ParaView

    Expected Result

    PALM static_driver visualisation in ParaView 

  • 1 - Download Example Files

    Download Example Files:

    • 2 - Install ParaView

      Download ParaView:

      1. You can download the latest version of ParaView from here:
      2. Make sure to select the version for your OS (Windows, Linux, Mac)
      3. Don't download the MPI version!
      • 3 - Load the PVSM ParaView state file

        1. Open ParaView:
        Open ParaView

        2. Load the PVSM state file:

        Load PVSM state file

        3. Navigate to the PVSM file

        1. Navigate to where you downloaded the Example_Files:
        Navigate to PVSM file

        4. Search files under specified directory:

        Search files under specified directory



        1. Then click OK

        6. Ignore the error message:


        7. Successfully loaded PVSM file: